Nedra Ali - CEO/Founder

With fifteen years working in the insurance industry as a data analyst, Nedra is a walking example of what obedience looks like. Stepping out and now the Owner and CEO of Simplistic Innovationz, Nedra is a world-class web designer, specializing in social media and brand coaching. Let us say, Nedra’s special skills list is massive, creating and building database systems, video editing, and graphic designs are just a few on the list. Nedra's ultimate goal as Owner and CEO is to bring the vision to life through creativity.

Navigating through social media can be challenging; I’m here to lighten the load off your shoulders. I’m an honest and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Since 2018, I’ve been serving loyal clients in the Jacksonville area. Get in touch to start enjoying my services today!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all the tools, guidance, and support our clients need to become social media branding and marketing gurus. We will enrich both business and its clients through effective visual solutions. Our primary goal is to make the process itself enjoyable for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to understand our client's needs so that Simplistic Innovationz can coach, plan, implement, manage and monitor their business social media in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales.


Branding Expert


Brading is an effective strategy to build a strong relationship between your audience and business. If you are into an online business, then it would be best to focus on your digital branding. You need a branding expert to kick-start your online business. 


What is brand marketing?


Brand marketing is a foundation of any brand as it offers customer personas, positioning, brand development strategies, and much more. You can call branding a subset of brand marketing as this process refers to the process of defining and documenting brand standards. It includes everything from visual identity to the messaging and taglines. All these elements work together to create a cohesive experience for a brand-targeted audience. 


Brand marketing is becoming important to cut through the noise in today’s market and compete with your business competitors. You need to come up with something unique to grab your audience’s attention. In this era, both the big brands and small businesses feel the pressure to brand development, rising costs, and connecting with potential buyers. To stay the top choice in your customer’s mind, you need a long-term and strong marketing strategy. 


How Innovative Solutionz can help you in branding?


A brand marketer is responsible for crafting and telling your brand story to your audience. And that’s what we are going to do for your brand. We will start with developing your brand strategy according to your market and customer research. It includes elements positioning, customer persona, sharing brand value, and brand tone. 


Here is the list of services we are going to offer as branding experts:


Identify and research your target clients


Not everyone is interested in your business. For example, if you are selling pet-related products, the pet owners are your targeted audience. And, that’s what we are going to do for you. We will identify your audience and focus on the potential buyers to increase your ROI. The more diverse your customer list will be, the more diluted your marketing strategies will become. Besides that, our researchers will help you understand your target client’s perspective and priorities to anticipate their needs. It will help to lower your marketing risk that is linked with brand development. 


Develop and implement brand strategy


Before executing your branding campaigns, we will take time to create a comprehensive brand strategy. It strengthens the goal of your company to achieve its desired results. Mostly we divide the whole process into 3 steps and these are as follows:


  • We will get your brand strategy right and align it with your business objectives.

  • Secondly, we will develop all the tools you need to communicate for your brand. Like your logo, website design, and tagline. 

  • Strengthen your brand with a newly developed and updated brand. 


Create and manage brand calenders


We will tell your brand story by sharing its message and value by creating content and campaigns. Our brand managers and marketers will understand and manage all your brand management. Our process is divided into 3 further steps:


  • We will plan everything and implement the right strategies. 

  • Manage multiple marketing calenders.

  • Create content and manage content calendars to achieve the goals. 


Brand positioning


You need to develop the brand position of your personal brand. It will help you to find that how your business is doing better than others. It will also determine that why your potential clients will choose to work with you or buy your services or products. The positioning statement needs 3-5 sentences to capture your brand positioning essence. Opt-in for our branding service to get the desired results. 


Create your business log, name, and tagline

All these elements are important for the branding of your business. If you are an existing firm, you may not need the name. But for start-ups choosing a catchy name is the first step. We will help to choose the business name that merges with your business idea. Even if you have chosen your brand name, a new logo and tagline completely make sense to make a difference and we will take care of it. Also, you will need all these elements to update your social media. 


Why simplistic innovationz?


Branding can be hectic especially if you are new in any business. So, hiring a branding expert will do the deed to create your brand book and marketing campaigns to ensure everything you do is on-brand. Our branding experts have years of experience and they will work dedicatedly to work on your branding. So, if brand marketing is new to you, then you should hire a brand marketer as it is the best thing to do.  We will work closely with you to provide effective branding strategies for your business.