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Video Editing

If your branding strategy doesn’t have video content, the results wouldn’t be very effective. Video content is becoming more important on the web. No matter whether content marketers and SEO like the video or not, you need to upload it to grab audience attention. For now, almost 50% of marketers are using videos for Facebook and Youtube. 


As one-third of online activity is video watching, you can gather a huge audience. Almost more than 80% of traffic on the internet can be derived through video. Business owners often don’t know how to create and edit videos. There are many free and premium software available in the market for editing your videos. 


What is Video Editing?


Video editing is basically an arrangement of informative shots. Along with it, video advertisements can also be made through editors. No worries if you are unable to edit videos professionally. Despite difficulties in editing video, we provide the best and professional premium editing services. 

Steps of Video Editing

We will go through the following steps to make a perfect video for you: 

Trim your video clip


Firstly, there is a need to trim video with some software like adobe premiere pro. After uploading the video on your timeline, a trimming option will come there. Trim and save the trimmed video. 

Add musical track to video


A musical track will completely change your video. You can select any music track from the Adobe library. Besides this, you can add the music saved to your gallery. You will be amazed to know that recorded voices can also be added to the video. Record voice for this purpose and upload it. 

Insert text in video


There is also an option of inserting text. Press plus icon to add text to your video. Through this tool, add titles, subtitles, and other text layouts on screen. 

Add images to the video


During video editing, you can also add images. You can add royalty-free images either from your gallery or from stock photos. Besides this, adjust the display time of every image. 

Merge short video clips


Two video clips can be merged to form a long video. Along with merging and trimming, use transition effects. Moreover, you can adjust the time for the video on the frame bottom. 

Resize video


Reformat your video by resizing it according to the required aspect ratio and dimensions. 

Select background theme


Background themes describe how the slide will look. Adobe spark has many transitions, effects, and filters. You should choose the template according to the color scheme. 


Why choose video editing services from SimplisticInnovations?


Well! It’s because our editing services are captivating and professional. We consider the social media platform on which you have to upload videos. Editing according to the platform will make your business more impressive. The intuitive interface of our special tool has complete editing options for video. 


Here are the main services we offer in editing full screen videos. 


  • Trim and cut music videos to remove unnecessary video parts.

  • Split large videos into short snippets. Similarly, combine short videos to make a long one. 

  • Webcam recordings, that is flip and mirror videos work in both horizontal and vertical directions.

  • Open source videos to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise. 

  • Crop video to show only a particular segment in the frame. 

  • Can add multiple images and audio tracks.

  • Adjust background video effects and colors.

  • Insert and position text in the slide according to your demand.

  • Can use your business logo in the watermark. 

  • Use transitions and filters to make a copyright free video. 


Unlike other video editors, we will prioritize your choice. Your business will grow at a fast rate by uploading the professionally edited videos to your business pages. For online video editor services, get in touch with us. Also, tell us the purpose of the video like if it is for branding purpose, and business type while getting registered.  Enjoy a profitable business by using our editing services.